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Alchemy Healthcare Team

Alchemy Healthcare retains a valuable motivated workforce via endorsing employee empowerment, soliciting feedback, sharing rewards and compensating effectively and by  updating the plant with latest technology.

Company’s main objectives are to frame and implement employee friendly policies. The company is well aware of its employee demands and hence its management is giving special attention towards formulation and annual revision of effective workforce incentive plans. We also provide medical and other facilities, better salaries, wages and incentives as compared with other market competitors. The management does understand the market and distribution needs.

Training and Grooming of Employees

Training is one aspect that Alchemy Healthcare Organization plays the highest emphasis on. The Marketing and Sales Team work in close and strategic alliance, adding value to optimizing performance. Regular Trainings and Brainstorming Sessions further strengthen the skill-sets of our workforce. Training at a multi-disciplinary level also keeps the fire of passion to excel and brings out the best in our employees. Leadership, Motivation, Taking up Challenges, Setting Goals, Managing Through Initiatives, Streamlining Work Procedures, Upgrading The Power of Highly Effective Communication Skills and Highly Effective Selling Strategies are some of the many Topics that come under discussion and training.

Alchemy's Strength

Alchemy Health Organization has a promotion and sales team. Alchemy’s sales team is a very effective team with remarkable success. 

The Alchemy Group is meeting the current needs in providing the best in healthcare products. Anticipating emerging demand for introducing new products, we are in a constant state of product innovation and quality enhancements. We will touch new frontiers and are committed to excellence because at Alchemy, excellence is a never-ending journey.

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Alchemy Healthcare Organization is making possible the affordability of medicine without the quality compromised.


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